Retail Methods provides cloud based services that are retailer ready

  • We develop knowledge-based products that make your retail life simpler & more informed
  • To take the guess work out of your retail business decisions
  • Applying our collective retail knowledge, methods & mindsets with your data to generate optimal insights

We will help you navigate changing retail environments

The Relaiters product range will become available on the cloud with monthly subscription choices

Please register your interest so that we can update you as products become available
  • We have developed a portfolio of products
  • The strategic business planning product Relaiters SBP is the first product in the Relaiters range
  • The next products will be
    • Relaiters CQ that enables benchmark setting using clustering and quadrant techniques for Category management and SG&A productivity
    • Relaiters Forecasting based on the Relaiters SBP

Our modern retail knowledge capabilities

Retail Methods is different

  • Our Relaiters products seek to get you more involved in your business
  • Our secret sauce is to make Relaiters simpler to use with useful insights, so that you will want to use them more
  • We have condensed processes to provide strategic answers in terms of days not months after clean data entry
  • Improving oversight of your business
  • Enabling you to manage EBITDA whilst protecting the assets that generate income

Barry Shalley
(WhatsApp) +65 96256 754

Our Founder and CEO

Retail Methods creates products based on Barry’s extensive retail knowledge under licence

For over 30 years, Barry has applied a unique, practical start-up, financial, strategic and commercial approach to modern retail businesses working with clients through his boutique consultancy Strategica and/or companies he has co-founded such as Reterms

In c-suite roles delivering competitiveness and productivity both operationally
and digitally in New Zealand, Australia, China, Indonesia and South East Asia

Barry has identified many substantial opportunities to improve EBITDA for retailers between 1% to 3% sales using his knowledge through Retail Methods’ products